Become Independent With Alternative Energy

The Business Advantages of Alternative Energy

Your business shouldn’t be at the mercy of high NJ energy prices. Making an investment in alternative energy can help you cut operating costs, lock in energy rates, and in some cases completely eliminate your monthly electric bill. And when the system is payed off you can actually make money each month with the excess power made by the solar panels with NJ Net Metering laws. Invest in the future of your business with alternative energy. Push the limits of modern energy technology and strategically allocate resources while managing costs at the same time.

By taking advantage of open roof space or land, you can:

  • Reduce operating costs with lower monthly payments
  • Lock-in energy costs for years to come
  • Decrease your carbon footprint

All by producing clean, cost-efficient solar energy harnessed from the sun.

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#1 solar companies in NJ: Piggy bank filled with NJ solar savings

Unmatched ROI

Double digit ROI is common for NJ businesses that invest in renewable energy. The federal and NJ state governments provide subsidies and tax advantages to encourage property owners to install solar energy solutions. A property or building owner with the right tax situation can reduce the cost of installing a solar power system by more than 50%. In NJ due to net metering laws excess energy produced by solar panels can be sold to local utilities to generate an additional revenue stream.

More and more businesses every year have decided to go green because it makes financial sense, helps the environment, and makes a powerful statement to your customers and employees that your business cares about the future of the earth for our children and future generations. This not only can carry a positive public relations effect but can often help influence purchasing decisions and create customer loyalty. Proof that it makes good business sense? Commercial solar panel installations have increased by 487% in the past 5 years.

Reduced Operating Expenses, Reduced Carbon Footprint

The rising cost of energy has had a profound impact on the NJ business community. Electricity rates have risen an average of more than 5 percent per year (compounded) for the past 40 years – far faster than inflation. But with improvements in alternative energy technology, lower system costs and financial incentives in the form of rebates, favorable financing terms and tax incentives, the shift to renewable energy has become the smart choice for businesses looking to cut costs and earn an incredible ROI. Clean solar energy for electricity and hot water is more affordable than ever, and it’s a smart investment for NJ businesses.

In addition to expert solar engineering and installation services, Hughes helps our clients tap into government and State incentives that are available to business owners who invest in clean energy. We’ll help you understand the incentives that are available to your business, and help you select the most advantageous solution given your specific budget, goals and energy needs.

Solar Power For Local Business

Money saved each month from solar is tax fee in NJ

Savings Made Simple

Step 1 – Consultation & Proposal
A Hughes representative will meet with you on site to develop a customized energy proposal that meets your unique energy needs, goals, and budget as well as physical limitation such as the size of your property or roof. We’ll also help you compare and choose the best financing option for your project.
Step 2 – Installation
Your Hughes installer handles all aspects of installation including permitting, incentives, testing, and connection.
Step 3 – Activation
Start saving on energy bills the minute you flip the switch on your new green energy system.

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The Best People & Technology

Hughes has a staff of experienced highly trained, certified solar installers. Because the solar industry is such a quickly evolving business our employees are constantly undergoing training to keep them up to date on new trends, techniques and technologies. We install only the latest and best equipment for our solar panels, racks and mounting hardware, inverters, generators, geothermal equipment, and more.

Don’t install out of date equipment on your business. To get the maximum ROI and value for your money you need the latest technologies which are more efficient and produce more power.

You Can Trust Us

Hughes has all required licensing for NJ solar system installations which include OSHA Safety certified, General Contractor, Roofing, and Electrical. We are also certified to design and install both Photovoltaic & Thermal systems by NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). Sun Power is our business.

Let Our Experience with Alternative Energy Work for You

We’ve installed more solar energy systems in NJ than any other local company. We’ve built our reputation on quality work and customer service. A large number of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We’re the NJ green energy experts, our services include free Design and consultation as well as all permitting and paperwork.  We deliver a clean install, done right the first time, which will save you money for years to come.  All Hughes Solar energy systems are backed by a full comprehensive 25 year warranty on all labor and materials!

Industry Leading 25-Year Comprehensive Solar Power Warranty

Have confidence in Hughes.

A new solar system is a great investment. Protect that investment by dealing with Hughes and our industry leading 25-Year Comprehensive Solar Power Warranty to cover the quality of our workmanship and the products we install. Additionally, this warranty can be transferred to a second owner should you sell your home.1
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