26 May 2016

NJ Net Metering

Net Metering in NJ with Solar Net metering allows residential and commercial customers in NJ who generate their own electricity from solar power to feed electricity they do not use back into the grid. NJ has some of the best net metering laws in the nation. Net metering helps customers maximize their renewable energy investments.  It enables customers to obtain full retail credits on their utility bill for each kWh of electricity their system produces up to 100% of their electricity usage over Read more [...]
Most solar experts will tell you facing south produces the most solar power. This is generally true in most cases, however new studies show turning toward the western sky actually produces more energy in the late afternoon – when the grid can benefit the most from the extra power. A field study conducted last year of 50 homes with solar verified and advantage during this time period when facing west. Many experts are starting to notice, in September the California Energy Commission announced a Read more [...]
By far the most popular question we get asked after how much do they cost and how much will I save is “How long do solar panels last? Solar panels lose about half a percent a year in efficiency. With a warranty of  25 years most panels will only lose about 12.5% of their original power. The panel still retains 87.5% power output, that's only 12.5% less power than when it was originally tested. After 25  years, a 10 KW system is now a 8.75 KW system, and a 4 KW system is now effectively an Read more [...]
4 Things to Know Before Going Solar The US Department of Energy predicts that 3.8 million homes will be solar-powered by 2020. Will you be one of them? If your considering going solar take a look at these 4 things you should consider before making your decision. Types of incentives? Solar is more affordable than ever before, flexible payment terms and tax incentives make is easier and cheaper than ever to get started.To close out 2015, the top 10 states for solar were: Massachusetts, New Jersey, Read more [...]