Industry Leading Go Green 25-Year Comprehensive Warranty

We deal in confidence.

Solar Energy is a great investment. Protect that investment by dealing with Hughes and our industry leading Go Green 25-Year Comprehensive Warranty to cover the quality all of our work and products we install. This warranty can be transferred to a second owner should you sell your home.1

Solar Power is our business and we guarantee all the work we do and products we install.

What’s Covered Under the Go Green 25-Year Warranty


Our installers and energy technicians are certified NABCEP, highly trained in all the jobs they do and our some of the most experienced in the industry. We’ve trained solar panel installers who work full time for Hughes and on all types of roofs and terrain. We don’t use subcontracted crews like national company’s do. Hughes has over 30 years of experience in the solar power industry and is an established company. That means we have the ability to cover all our work (from design to install) with our Go Green 25 year warranty.

For a period of 25 years, Hughes shall provide the diagnosing, repairing, or, at Hughes sole discretion, replacing any component of the solar energy System installed by Hughes that fails or suffers malfunction. 2


We work with the leading solar energy equipment manufacturers to provide you the best system based upon your power needs and budget. Each product, from the solar panels to the racking and mounts, has their own product manufacturer warranties. Hughes takes you beyond that by providing their Go Green 25-year product and labor warranty that, at many times, extends beyond the traditional product warranties. Solar power equipment is extremely durable and dependable compared to almost any other product you can buy, it’s simply made to last.

Products under the Hughes Go Green 25-Year Warranty:

Photovoltaic modules, mounting brackets or tracking structures, inverters, wiring, foundations for free standing systems, utility-required equipment, together with any other solar power equipment eligible for the State of New Jersey’s rebate/incentive programs.

This Warranty also extends to any leaks caused by roof damage Hughes made while installing the Solar Panels, but it does not extend to leaks that would have occurred even in the absence of such damage. In other words if we break it we fix it, simple as that.

Certain restrictions apply. Hughes reserves the right to modify this warranty verbiage at its discretion. Official warranty language is within the Hughes Go Green 25-Year Warranty provided at the end of the project.

1 This Warranty extends for the duration of the Warranty term to the original owner of the real property upon which the SOLAR POWER PROJECT has been installed. This Warranty is transferable to a secondary owner within the first 10 years of install at no charge. If owner would like to transfer Warranty after 10 years, a warranty transfer fee will be charged. Amount of fee charge is based on remaining term of warranty.

2 Except to the extent such failure or malfunction is covered by the PV System component manufacturers’ warranty.

A Solar Panel Is Built to Last

A solar panel is comprised of a number of photovoltaic cells (PV). These silicon wonders are actually fairly fragile, but are encased and protected by tempered glass, and the cell arrays are framed by sturdy, non-corroding aluminum. The same exact equipment used in commercial and government projects are used on your home. A solar panel really is built to last and is not the component that is most likely to fail.

This is because the technology results in very little breakdown of materials over time, much like transistors and computer chips. However, solar panels are the components most susceptible to damage from hail, hurricanes and other weather born threats. Luckily in NJ that is not a major problem like say in Florida or the mid west. In cases like this your solar panels are covered by most homeowners insurance plans.