NJ Solar Consultant

Hughes is your number one source for expert advice and leadership regarding solar energy systems projects in NJ. Whatever type of investment you’re making, our team of experts can help. Hughes offers our solar energy clients cutting edge operations and maintenance solutions, as well as system assessments and long term support and maintenance. Why worry about your energy system if you don’t have too? Let Hughes’ expert staff help you take the guesswork out of system ownership, maintenance and management. As a solar consultant Hughes can help you from initial concept to permitting and approvals, equipment sourcing and purchase, installations, long term maintenance, inspections and so much more.

Helping you succeed with NJ Solar Energy

Solving the current solar energy issues that our clients face in NJ, and anticipating ones they may face in the future, we help clients gain the confidence that leads to effective decisions and profitable investments. As a solar consultant and expert in clean energy systems based in NJ, local knowledge of rules and regulations as well as years of experience in the solar energy field is what enables us to focus on the big picture and succeed in any public or private business endeavor.

When investing in the state of NJ you need a solar consultant that has knowledge and experience working in the areas you’ll be investing your money into. Hughes has completed hundreds of commercial, government and residential renewable energy projects all in NJ. We only operate in NJ. We’re based in NJ and are here working each and every day in the local communities you’ll be setting up your projects in. We know the areas and deal with local inspectors almost every day.

Hughes is the only choice for clients seeking an experienced NJ solar consultant. Contact us today to speak with one of our staff about your energy project.

NJ solar panels installed on new home

Home Builders, Architects, Developers and Commercial Contractors

The best time to meet with a renewable energy specialist and plan for including solar panels on a new home is before any plans are drawn. Designing for green energy from the start results in a better looking installation, higher energy output, and lower cost. As a NJ solar consultant we work with home builders and architects during the initial design process, helping identify the best energy solution for each client. We have extensive experience in site analysis, construction and building requirements.

Hughes also works closely with real estate developers and volume home builders to make solar panels available wherever and whenever they need. Clients are demanding it and builders are meeting that demand. Our experts work with you in the early planning stages to make sure that subdivisions are configured to maximize the power of renewable energy, that homes are sited to take best advantage of sunlight, and that home designs are drawn up with solar panel installation in mind.

During the design process, we consider a wide variety of factors: South facing roof surfaces, roof pitch, placement of vents and chimneys, location of electric service, roofing material and much more. During planning, we consult with your project managers to integrate installation into the overall construction process reducing the potential for delays.

Whether you build six homes a year or a thousand, stand out by offering solar panels on all your homes. Hughes will ensure that each system is configured to take full advantage of the site,  home design and the client needs. We understand that every situation is unique, building sites are not the same, clients have specific needs and aesthetic considerations, home designs and materials vary from project to project. We listen and consider all factors before making our recommendations. Then we are available to work with the construction team throughout the process. This is the great benefit of using Hughes as your NJ solar consultant, we do a lot more than install solar panels.

NJ solar consultant hand shake with home builder

General Contractors, Roofers, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors

More and more, business and property owners in NJ see the economic and public relations advantage in “going green.” Commercial and industrial facilities all across NJ are being built and renovated with energy efficiency and renewable energy in mind. Solar panel systems play a key role in all Green Building initiatives. Working with a NJ solar consultant to include green energy into new commercial construction and remodeling plans of existing facilities is the most cost effective way to integrate renewable energy into your long term business plans. You will enjoy both immediate savings on electricity expenses and create an effective hedge against rising NJ electric rates. Building upgrades – roof replacement, HVAC upgrades, and other energy efficiency measures – are also a good time to consider adding solar energy to your long-term strategy. TSO understands the technical and economic issues surrounding solar PV for commercial property. We engage with building owners, engineers, architects and general contractors early in the project planning process, guiding all stakeholders to the best solar energy choices.

Put a solar energy expert on your team. Hughes has the expertise and experience to help you make smart solar energy choices for all your projects. Let us show you how.

Operations and Maintenance

Hughes offers operations and maintenance services for the life of your NJ solar energy system. We bring our experience of designing, building, operating and maintaining commercial Green energy systems from across the state of NJ. Many system owners don’t realize that ongoing maintenance services must be factored into the overhead of owning of a solar power system. If left undone simple maintenance issues may cause your system to go offline, costing you lower returns on top of additional repair costs to address the problem. It’s much better to maintain a system and have continuous energy production then have a system go down due to a preventable problem. To make the most clean energy possible per year you need to maintain your system and keep it producing at high levels at all times. Down time and bad weather are the #1 killer of green energy projects because as long as the sun is shining and your system is running your producing energy. You can’t do a thing about the weather, but we can make sure your system is maintained and operating at an optimal level.

To protect your system, and your bottom-line, Hughes’ experienced staff have developed services to help maximize your ROI and keep your system running.

NJ solar consultant monitoring solar panels with meter

Monitoring & Alert

Protecting your NJ solar energy investment starts with active monitoring.
Hughes will monitor your system’s performance and respond quickly to any system alert. Present you with the best course of action to solve whatever the problem is. And if needed we will fix the issue for you. In addition we will promptly notify you of any performance dips below 90% of the weather adjusted performance model predictions. This allows you to stay informed about your systems energy output without the hassle of watching over it yourself. Sit back and watch your energy investment grow, we’ll take care of all monitoring and maintenance for you.

NJ Solar consultant checking a list inspecting solar panels

Semi Annual Performance and Service Report

Reporting that you and your investors can rely on.
Twice a year Hughes will perform a complete system performance report including energy production values and a list of all system alerts and service work performed during the previous period. This includes performing all onsite equipment service to maintain your warranties. What good is investing in a commercial solar farm if you don’t maintain it making sure it’s producing as much green energy as possible. System down time or times when your system is producing at less than optimal levels costs money. In most cases a lot more money than it costs us to maintain the system properly.

NJ solar consultant inspection solar panels for cracks

Annual Visual & Mechanical Inspection Report.

Yearly reports are vital for any scale renewable energy system and are often required by investors. With our service, Hughes will conduct an annual inspection of your system and complete a comprehensive system checklist including both visual and mechanical inspections. Issues will be documented and solutions proposed for your consideration. This annual inspection is vital to ensuring your energy system is producing at optimal levels at all times throughout the year. We will go each and every solar panel in your system to make sure they’re all working properly, inspecting them carefully for even minor damage, scratches or cracks which can effect output.

Delivering knowledge, expertise and value

The NJ solar power and utilities industry is ever changing. A world where efficiency, conservation, and optimization are necessary parts of a successful renewable energy plan. As a NJ solar consultant we understand the challenges you face because we’ve spent years working in this industry. We’re here to help you anticipate, plan for, and manage the frequent swings that effect this dynamic market. And when something happens, we’ve got the people, solutions, and resources to help you move forward as quickly and efficiently as possible. Proper planning, execution and long term management is crucial to the success of any commercial energy project.

In many companies the position “Energy Manager” does not exist, and where it does the duties and qualifications vary greatly. At Hughes we offer the following observations of how you would benefit by retaining us as your solar consultant and what characteristics to look for.

  • Working with a solar Consultant allows you to retain a professional without putting him/her on your payroll
  • There is no need for training
  • We’re monitoring the markets on a full-time basis
  • The job is not being done internally, or is a part-time responsibility for someone
  • Unlike employees, it is easy to link a Solar Consultant’s compensation to your success.

With the position of Energy Manager absent in most companies, many people do not understand the value of retaining an experienced Solar Consultant.  In addition to avoiding “soft-costs” and needless man-hours, a Solar Energy Consultant can achieve more savings on energy bill contracts than a company’s internal efforts.

As with any professional field, education is vitally important and the learning process never ends. Most, but not all Solar Energy Consultants, come from engineering disciplines and have the management experience needed to make and implement wise decisions. While education is essential, a good energy consultant will also possess the experience needed to apply that theory in real world applications. Ideally, look for someone who can identify problems in the boiler room and explain solutions in the boardroom.

After retaining an Energy Consultant, his/her review process should begin with an analysis of no-cost and low-cost recommendations. Usually that starts by looking at your energy system plan and seeking lower-cost contracts in sourcing equipment and property. Even when savings may not be available you should still consider beneficial terms and conditions not available from your current suppliers. A good Energy Consultant knows where the energy markets have been trading and where they are likely to go. A good understanding of market fundamentals and technical analysis will help with the latter. Armed with this information, your energy data, and a good understanding of contracts, your Energy Consultant will develop and seek various price options and terms that are appropriate for the prevailing market conditions and are consistent with your company’s risk tolerance.

Once you know you have taken advantage of your supply opportunities, it is time to make sure you are monitoring your energy costs and consumption. Like any process, effective management requires that you capture, trend, budget and forecast your utilities. If you are not capturing your utility data and converting it into decision-quality information, it is most likely managing you.

The energy field is broad in scope, complex and constantly on the move. When engaging an Energy Consultant, you want someone who appreciates that fact and is always looking to stay abreast of the latest changes. Those changes may be in the form of new technology, regulations, tax laws or market opportunities. You also want someone who knows when and where to look for additional support, if needed. Just like your consultant needs to know his/her limitations, they also need to understand the client’s limitations. This is particularly important when it comes to the transfer of technologies. With many companies continuing to downsize, maintenance has become an easy target for cuts. Therefore, the latest technology may not be a good fit for companies lacking the staff or training budget needed to maintain high-tech energy management systems.

Contact Hughes to discuss how we can help you turn these challenges into opportunities.