Over 1000 New NJ Solar Homes and Counting

Hughes helps NJ new home builders deliver cutting edge energy solutions that set their homes apart. We design and install photovoltaic solar power systems, home batteries, home generators, off grid systems, geothermal energy, solar lights, wind power, and more. Adding renewable energy to your new home will help it sell 20% fast on average and for a lot more money. Contact us today to find out more about what adding clean energy can do your your new homes.

With more than 1000 home buyers already living in homes powered by Hughes solar energy systems, we are a trusted market leader in NJ solar power.

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels Increase Your Home’s Value

The National Renewable Energy Lab offers a useful guide when determining how much your home’s value will go up. According to its research, each additional $1 in energy bill savings (from your photovoltaic solar panels) adds $20 to your home’s total value.

This rule of thumb varies depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The location of your home. Panels in active solar markets like NJ typically yield higher returns than solar panels in less developed markets.
  • The size of your system. Property value increases are directly proportional to the number (and quality) of solar panels installed. Hughes uses only the best panels and equipment on the market so you’ll receive the maximum increase in your home value from the panels.
  • The value of your home. Larger houses usually receive higher boosts in value.

The exact numbers vary from property to property and system to system, but recent research shows an average increase in resale value being $5,911 for each 1 kilowatt (kW) of solar installed. For example, a small 3.1-kilowatt (kW) system can add an average of $18,324 to the value of a medium-sized home. The property value advantages of solar energy only increase as you scale up. Installing 5kW of solar panels adds an average of $29,555 to the retail value of a medium-sized home. All this while using a low monthly solar payment means you’ll make money on your home value and profit each month from producing clean energy.

It’s important to note that these statistics only apply to today’s housing prices and utility rates. As electricity prices go up (as they most certainly will), the advantages of solar energy rise proportionally as well. Also solar payments are based on current interest rates.

In addition, installing solar panels not only helps you fetch a higher asking price, but it can also help your home sell 20% faster as properties without solar installations. For homeowners who want to reduce exposure, paperwork, and wait times, this can be a huge advantage – especially in today’s sluggish housing market.

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Offer Home Buyers Tax Free Savings

Installing photovoltaic (PV) Solar panels on your home has so many positive benefits, we’ve listed just a few below.

  • Immediately lower or eliminate your electric bill
  • Act as a hedge against future NJ electricity rate increases
  • Offer a low-risk alternative to volatile equity investments and historically low interest rates
  • Increase the value of your home (exempt from property tax increase)
  • Contribute to a better environment for future generations
  • Save money each month on electricity costs
  • Money earned with solar panels is tax free
  • The cost of electricity from a solar panel will never go up
  • In some cases you can get solar panels for no money down
  • Become energy independent
  • When grid power goes down you’ll still have electricity with an off grid system, home generator or home battery system

Superior Performance

Not all photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are the same. Hughes manufactures solar panels with the industries highest energy production and reliability. Hughes Solar Panels produce 40% more clean energy over the first 25 years than conventional panels. Our panels continue making power for years after the 25 year period is over. 40 year old Solar panels tested still made around 80% of the energy they did when they were new.Check out this article from our blog to find out more about how long panels actually last.

We back these claims up with a guaranteed minimum amount of power production per system per year and the industries best warranty. Visit our Warranty page to learn more about our 25 year Go Green system warranty.

We also offer volume pricing deals for home builders. We know that once you sell one new home with solar panels and see the advantages firsthand you’ll put them on all your new homes. Sell your houses faster and for more money by adding Hughes clean energy systems to all your real estate projects.

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Solar’s Perfect Partner

Your Home buyers will have the peace of mind knowing they will always have power. A permanent home generator from Hughes guarantees power in any situation. Even when the grid and solar panels go down your home generator will kick in and produce enough clean energy to power your entire home until the grid is back up. A home generator is also the perfect partner for a home battery system. The generator will come on periodically to power the home batteries, making sure they never get drained extends battery life and saves money.

Never be left without power again. The home generators we offer at Hughes are permanently installed equipment that resemble an outdoor air conditioning unit, ready to produce power whenever and why ever you need it. Depending on the size generator you install you could potentially power everything in your home as if you were still on the grid. These larger units run on natural gas or LP fuel and never need to be re-filled. They’re very quiet and come on automatically within seconds of detecting a power outage. You don’t have to do a thing, no switching the generator on and no re-fueling. You can also mount them elevated to ensure power during a flood.

Traditional power supply isn’t always the most stable or reliable in NJ, power outages can disrupt your life and could be disastrous if you have critical electric appliances and equipment in your home. Remember hurricane Sandy? No matter where you live, storms or other events that cause outages can and will happen again, and when they do you will lose power. Something as common as a car accident or a falling branch hitting the wrong wire could kill power for days. You can eliminate any time without electric by installing a permanent home generator on your property.

Contact us for more information about our home generators or take a look at our generator page.

Make Home Ownership More Affordable

Living in a solar home costs less than comparable homes without clean energy. Considering the current low cost of the photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, government rebates, tax breaks and incentives and favorable payment terms there’s never been a better time for NJ home buyers to add solar power than during new home construction.

  • Volume pricing to home builders
  • Construction efficiency by factoring solar installation into the job schedule from the start
  • Available rebates, tax breaks and incentives in NJ
  • Roll the up front cost of solar panels into the mortgage

Whether offering solar power systems as a standard feature or an optional upgrade, we will work with you to build homes that save money for your customers.

Contact us to create a customized sales program for your new homes.

Money saved each month from photovoltaic solar power is tax fee in NJ

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Hughes has a passion for all things Green. We help homeowners in NJ save off their monthly electric bill with clean energy systems, home batteries, home generators, and other green power equipment. We’ve built hundreds of residential and commercial solar power systems. Save on your energy bills and be energy independent. Solar has finally become the smart choice for buying power.

Hughes installs the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and photovoltaic technology. Our team consists of specialists, clean energy designers, engineers and North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

We make it easy to go green with multiple payment options tailored to fit a homeowners individual needs and finances. If you’re like most people, you have questions about making the change. How much does it cost? How does it all work? How quickly will you see savings on your monthly power bill? We can answer many of your questions over the telephone, by email or at an on site meeting. Contact us and relax. Hughes entire team is committed to our customers clean energy future.