Complete solar power systems designed by experts and built to last.

Highest quality.

We install the most efficient, high-quality solar power technology available.

We do more.

Complete home solar power systems. Home batteries. Home generators. Solar Farms. Commercial and government work. We do it all.

Custom built.

We custom design each solar power system to meet the energy needs and budget of each customer.

We’re local.

We’re the #1 renewable energy company in NJ. We install every sun power system with our own full time employees, not subcontracted crews like the national companies do.

Sun Power Warranty.

Our guarantee and warranty is the best in the industry, covering system performance for 25 years.


You know what works best for you. That’s why we give you as many financing options as we can to purchase your new solar power system.

Why Hughes? The NJ Sun Power Specialists.

At Hughes, we understand the importance of clean renewable energy. That’s why we’re dedicated to designing, installing, and maintaining affordable energy solutions. Hughes meets the unique needs of each and every customer we serve.

Unlike other providers, Hughes allows you to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy with no up-front costs.

We’re a local NJ company. No national renewable energy provider can match our customer service, quality, price or knowledge of local rules and guidelines.

Hughes solar customer service representative on the phone in NJ

Top-rated customer service.

Through the initial meeting, solar power installation and long term support, we’ll deliver the most cost effective solution in NJ.

We’re more than a green energy company, we’re also committed to providing off grid systems, home batteries, backup generators, and other renewable energy products. Our entire Hughes staff will exceed your highest expectations of quality and service.

Little girl laughing in the sunlight

Do What’s Best for the Customer

  • At the core of what we do is our pledge to put you first. We understand each customer’s needs because we think that’s the first step to helping them. All free of high-pressure sales.
  • We’re a company that focuses on making the customer a true partner. This is why we facilitate customer ownership of their solar power solution.
  • We serve as a turnkey provider, and guide every customer through each step. The process of going green has never been easier.

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Hughes has a passion for all things green. We’ve helped homeowners in NJ save off their monthly electric bill by installing solar energy systems, home batteries, home generators, and other green energy equipment. Recognized as “The Best Local NJ Solar Company”, we’ve custom designed thousands of residential and commercial solar energy systems. The result — our homeowners save on their energy bills each month and become energy independent. Renewable energy has finally become the smartest choice for purchasing power.

Hughes is the leader in solar energy systems by installing the latest, state-of-the-art solar panels and photovoltaic technology. Our teams consist of dedicated green specialists, solar energy system designers, engineers and North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Hughes makes it easy to go green with several payment options. If you’re like most people, you have a lot of questions about renewable energy. How much does it cost, how does sun power work or how quickly will you see savings on your monthly energy bill? We can answer many of your questions over the phone, by email or at an on site meeting. One of our experienced green energy specialists will go over all of your options with you. Simply contact Hughes and relax. The entire team is deeply committed to our customers well being, now and into the future.